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The process

From clay to cup

While perfection may seem like the ultimate goal, it is the intentional embrace of imperfections that often brings character and beauty to ceramic pieces. Through a delicate equilibrium of form, texture, and glaze, Caro-K masterfully balance the organic nature of clay with their artistic vision, resulting in creations that celebrate the harmony found in imperfection. Dive into the process of how Caro-K’s original objects are made.


To begin, Caroline takes a lump of clay and places it on a clean work surface. Using both hands, she applies pressure to eliminate air pockets that could cause the pottery to crack or explode during firing.


Caroline applies gentle pressure with her hands while the spinning wheel rotates, gradually guiding the clay towards the center until it forms a symmetrical and balanced shape.


Using her fingers, she applies a controlled pressure to create the object. While the wheel spins, she carefully molds the clay to the desired shape.


After the shape is formed, she carefully removes excess clay from the base and foot, resulting in a refined and balanced form.

First firing

Pottery biscuit firing is the initial firing at a relatively low temperature to harden it and remove any remaining moisture before applying glazes or additional decorative elements.


Caro-K applies various techniques such as painting, carving, glazing, or adding surface embellishments to enhance the aesthetic appeal and visual interest of the ceramic piece.


Caro-K likes to work as much as possible with Chinese gas kiln glazes such as chun, celadon, tenmoku and nuka. These exotic sounding glazes radiate a lot of heath. The minerals absorbed through their roots decades to hundreds of years ago now provide the colour and texture of the glaze.

Gas firing

Gas firing pottery involves using a gas-fueled kiln to heat the ceramic pieces to high temperatures, allowing for the chemical transformation of clay and glazes into a durable and finished state.


The results are unique handcrafted pieces. Check the portfolio for more cups, bowls and vases.

Caro-K's Pot Folio

Ceramics wall of fame

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