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Caro-K is a Belgian ceramic artist based in Ghent

Caroline creates shapes that bring simplicity and peace on your table. Her objects are handcrafted, for daily use and exude tranquility and timelessness. Caro-K consciously works with homemade glazes. Very often ‘natural’ tones come to the surface. The combination of all these properties creates contemporary, authentic, original objects.

How it all started

Caroline Kestelyn is the face behind Caro-K. She studied Fine Arts at the Sint-Lucas art humanities school. Then she studied to become a teacher.
About 25 years ago, ceramist Sylvie Inghels made the spark. Since then, the passion hasn’t stopped. Caroline broadened her skills and horizons through numerous trainings. Visits to fellow ceramists, both at home and abroad, resulted in many interesting encounters and experiences.

In early 2016, she decided to turn her life around and became a full-time potter/ceramist. She founded her own studio, Caro-K. She understands that you achieve more by joining forces. Since 2020, she and Sybille ceramics started a beautiful studio together Atelier Aimée.


Caro-K also creates customized tableware. She has already worked with several restaurants in Ghent, such as Boon, De Commotie, De Mokke, Ferri and Mokja.
If you want to offer unique objects in your store, you can check Caro-K’s portfolio. Also, she is happy to come present her ceramics in person.

Where to find Caro-K

Are you looking for a unique gift or a sober beauty for your home? Feel free to visit the atmospheric store in our studio at Belzele. You can also find Caro-K’s vases at Blommm. In the city centre of Ghent, you can find her work at Clayhub, a shop that supports local ceramists.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, to follow a workshop or to drop by the store.

Ceramic workshops in Atelier Aimée

Interested in learning pottery yourself? Passing on the pottery virus to students is one of Caroline’s passions. She has a lot of experience in ceramic lessons in several academies.

Together with Sybille, Caroline runs Atelier Aimée. They offer classes, workshops, duo days, intensive multi-day sessions, open studio, master classes and glazing courses at two locations:

Studio Ghent

Schoolstraat 12, St-Amandsberg

Studio Evergem

Belzeelsestraat 18, Belzele



Biënnale Nieuwpoort

Nieuwpoort (BE)


Lievegem (BE)

Belgium Art & Design

Ghent (BE)




Zarlardinge (BE)

Van Eyck

Ghent (BE)

Kunst achter glas

Evergem (BE)


Orléans (FR)

Kunst Kijken

Begijnhof, Ghent (BE)

Lezing academie

Knokke-Heist (BE)

Caro-K's Pot Folio

Ceramics wall of fame

Experience the captivating beauty of ceramics by exploring Caro-K’s portfolio.