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Sharing Knowledge and Ceramics

The sharing of ideas, expertise, and creativity can lead to exceptional outcomes. As a passionate ceramist, Caro-K understands the immense value that collaborations bring.

Love of teaching

Driven by passion and knowledge, Caro-K likes to pass on the love for throwing, firing and glazing in Atelier Aimée but and beyond.

She organises an annual “throwing week” at Congé Keramiek.
She already shared her knowledge of glazes and ash glazes at Colpaert and at a variety of academies.

Building paper kilns is in itself an activity in which cooperation goes hand in hand. She demonstrated these skills at Nora Nuyts’ Ceramics Summer.

Cook books

For Ae Jin Huys of Mokja, Caroline already had several occasions to select a collection of ceramics to match her dishes in her delicious cookbooks: Kimchi and Taste Korea.

Jeu de Fil

With Lieve Decorte of Jeu de Fil, she has already done several projects together, such as home-made cooking, spending time at a nice dinner table with family and friends. That’s how the pure ceramics of Caro-K inspire Lieve to design her natural table linen collection in a warm but subtle colour palette.

Caro-K's Pot Folio

Ceramics wall of fame

Experience the captivating beauty of ceramics by exploring Caro-K’s portfolio.